‘After attending the FS/KS1 nativity: ‘I went both days and both days left with a huge smile. Absolutely brilliantly put together! Big thumbs up!’


Fantastic performance, so great that everyone had a go on the stage. All looked so happy and engaged, fabulous, thank you.’


‘Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort with the choir day at the Royal Albert Hall! My child had such a brilliant day, she described the day as awesome!’


‘We are both so pleased with our child this year and how well he has come along. His teacher has made him believe in himself and has shown him that if he puts the effort in, he will see results.’


After the Royal Albert Hall choir trip: ‘Thank you so much for giving our children a fantastic opportunity. We really appreciate the extra work and effort you all put in.’ 



‘We really enjoyed the play – the children all did so well to remember so many songs and actions. Well done to all the staff involved for the time and patience they have obviously dedicated to the children in helping them achieve such a great performance’.


‘Thank you for a lovely production. It was very well done and so lovely you involved everyone, even Nursery, thank you. The children all looked like they were having so much fun’.


‘Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and for making my work experience so enjoyable. I really enjoyed learning about what it is like to be a teacher’.





‘Many thanks once again to all who have made life at Bottisham Primary School so enjoyable over the last seven years, he really has had a fantastic start to his school career and is very well placed to start life at Bottisham Village College’.


‘Our child is loving school the more she goes and every day comes home with a new story. She always has a good day and we have noticed a great increase in her skills, especially in writing and numeracy.’


‘Our child has enjoyed her time at Acorns so much and has thrived. She is much more confident socially and loves telling us what she has learnt. The teachers are outstanding and she settled so quickly.’


‘Our child has really enjoyed his time at Acorns, he has made lots of friends and often comes home and tells us about all the great activities he has been involved in. We feel he has had a marvelous introduction to the school.’


‘This is a great school. Thank you for all your hard work.’

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