We aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society. Our vision is that by the end of Year 6, our pupils will:

  • Foster a positive and caring attitude to others

Our pupils will experience an environment that promotes equality and respect for others, supporting pupils to develop a strong sense of social responsibility. The curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to appreciate and celebrate difference, helping them to understand their place both as UK and global citizens

  • Become effective learners

Our pupils will become curious, resilient, think for themselves, work with others and show persistence in their learning. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all pupils and is aimed at being as inclusive as possible so that all children feel engaged and supported to access the learning in a way that meets their individual needs.

  • Be prepared with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need for the next stage in their school life

There is high ambition for all pupils to achieve their potential, and the school ensures that disadvantaged pupils or pupils with SEND are supported to access the same breadth and depth as other pupils, through appropriate scaffolding and support.

  • Feel secure and live a healthy and safe life

Pupils will be supported to know how to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. They will understand how to manage the risks and challenges which arise as part of everyday life.

We value the partnership which exists between school, parents, governors and community and the parts they all play in realising this vision.


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