Welcome to the English area, here you will find some recommended websites to help you select a great book for your child to enjoy.  There are also some useful documents and information to support your child’s learning at home.
Library Times
Each class visits the library weekly, we use a system called Junior Librarian where we track the books that are in our school library and record books as they are borrowed and returned. These books are regularly reviewed and updated thanks to the incredible work of the PTA and some generous donations.
Children are invited to scan out one library book at a time, please keep track of the books they enjoy bringing home and ensure they are returned after a period of two weeks.  Mrs Walker leads the library with a team of fantastic librarians from Year 5 and 6.  The library is also open at these times for any child from Year 1 through to Year 6, to borrow or return their library books:
Thursday lunchtimes 12.45 through to 1.10pm
Accelerated Reader
From Year 3, children will begin using Accelerated Reader (AR) to select their school reading book. 
We subscribe to this website which gives Children a reading range to help them select a reading book which is within their comprehension ability.  It also tracks how many they complete and offers a quiz to check their understanding.  Parents have requested to see the AR book catalogue which gives details of the reading range (ATOS Books Level) of books, this allows you to search for any book and see if it is within the recommended range for your child.
Unfortunately, children are unable to log in from home to take their quizzes, Google can’t find our school AR website, as it is unique to us.
However, we do not want children to avoid aspirational books that they would enjoy reading with a family member or different genres of books that can be read for pure enjoyment and interest.  We want children to be enthusiastic about their reading, so we encourage children to have a AR book (as their school reading book) and to enjoy the wide range of books in our library and elsewhere just for the love of reading!  If you’re not sure if a book is appropriate, please contact your child’s teacher, who will be glad to help.

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