The aims of this policy are to:

Create and sustain a positive, supportive, and secure environment for all who work in the school, leading to:

  • the encouragement of self-discipline in all our children;

  • a developing respect for the needs and rights of others.


  • To encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within the school

  • To foster positive, caring attitudes towards everyone, where achievements at all levels are acknowledged and valued  

  • To encourage increasing independence and self-discipline so that each child learns to take responsibility for his/her own behaviour 

  • To have a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school with parental co-operation and involvement

  • To make the boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and to ensure safety.

  • To know what is appropriate behaviour  

  • To help pupils, staff and parents have a sense of direction and feeling of common purpose

  • To ensure that children and staff have opportunities to extend their skills in managing difficult situations


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